As a landscaping company, you want to create stunning designs for your clients that are also practical, which is why it's smart to use native Hawaiian plants in your designs. Here are a few significant benefits you can expect when incorporating native species.

What Are the Benefits of Using Native Hawaiian Plants in Landscaping Services?

1. Reduce Upkeep Demands

Native species thrive with minimal maintenance and upkeep. They have an inherent resistance to local pests and diseases, and since they developed in that region, they’re suited to the soil, water, and sun conditions. They won’t need much pruning, watering, or feeding, saving your clients maintenance time and costs.

2. Support Native Wildlife

native Hawaiian plants

Using native varieties will support the local wildlife and ecosystem by ensuring they have access to a key part of their food chain. Hawaiian plants provide unique nutrition and habitation to the wildlife, offering specific seeds, fruits, or hiding spots that non-native species would not. 

You can also boost the numbers of endangered native species. Since roughly 90% of the islands' vegetation is endemic, replenishing native species preserves Hawaiian culture and ecosystems.

3. Aid the Environment

Incorporating Hawaiian plants into your services aids the environment in several ways. Beyond supporting local habitats, it minimizes the use of harmful pesticides or chemical-heavy fertilizers, mitigating land and water pollution. Your clients will use less water to care for the plants, which is helpful when Hawaii experiences droughts or water shortages. Plus, you’re much less likely to introduce an invasive species that might destabilize the local ecosystem.


Hui Kū Maoli Ola Native Hawaiian Plant Specialists in Kaneohe will help you create a native landscape your clients will adore. Since 1999, they’ve been Hawaii’s largest nursery, providing only native Hawaiian plants to the islands. They’re fully bonded and insured, with a wide variety of species to choose from. Explore their nursery online, and call (808) 235-6165 to place an order.