Plant nurseries are vital to the healthy growth of certain species. Without this valuable land space, it would be difficult for them to develop properly and thrive. In states like Hawaii where producing native plants is dependent on responsible cultivation, nurseries play particularly important roles. Here’s what you need to know, whether you’re a casual floral connoisseur or a serious gardener interested in starting your own plant nursery.

The Basics of Plant Nurseries & Why They Are So Essential

What Exactly Is a Plant Nursery?

Honolulu, HI plant nurseryPlant nurseries are locations where seedlings of all kinds are propagated under suitable conditions. Owners take great pains to nurture the seedlings by monitoring every step of their cycle, starting them in wide containers that prevent crowding and ensuring appropriate drainage. They’re treated, fed, sunned, and warmed to promote germination. This process yields healthy, established plants that can then be sold directly to home-based gardeners or to commercial businesses for resale.

Why Are They So Crucial to Native Hawaiian Plants?

The successful growth of localized plants is largely dependent on plant nurseries. Hawaii, in particular, boasts almost 1400 native growth varieties, according to the Division of Forestry and Wildlife for the State of Hawaii. The majority of these are found only in the Aloha State. Several factors, including an influx of people and land clearing, have threatened their survival. Nurseries, then, are essentially stewards for these tropical natives, providing them with the specific care they need to thrive and allowing them to co-exist peacefully with everything from non-native plants to human beings.

How Do Nurseries Contribute to Sustainable Communities?

Sustainable lifestyles encompass many different elements, from advocating for healthier communities to celebrating traditional plants and cultures. Plant nurseries contribute largely to these efforts by providing healthy space for plants that might otherwise be endangered, contributing to the local economy, and cultivating the area’s natural beauty. Just as importantly, the survival of local plants also boosts the survival potential of native birds and animals. This cycle contributes to a thriving ecosystem.


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