If you’ve never had a cat before, it may come as a surprise to learn that litter box training doesn’t come naturally to felines. Indeed, it requires a bit of effort, patience, and time to get your kitten acquainted with the litter box. Here are some strategic pet care tactics you can use to streamline the process. 

How to Litter Train Your Pet Kitten

1. Gather the Right Supplies

Ideally, you’ll want the cat to have two litter boxes for convenience. Pick up the litter box and kitty litter from a pet care store. Start with an unscented clumping litter first, as most cats respond well to this type. Once your cat is fully trained, you can try different options, but keep in mind that some pets are very particular about their litter type. 

2. Show the Kitten Around

Make sure your kitten knows exactly where the litter boxes are. They should be located in spots that are easy to get to and private, so they don’t feel exposed. Be sure to choose a good location, as you’ll want to keep it in the same spot to avoid confusing your cat. Set your kitten in the box and give them some time to sniff around. 

3. Bring Them There Frequently

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To encourage your cat to use the litter box often, set them in it immediately after eating and upon waking up. Additionally, watch for behaviors that suggest they’re about to relieve themselves. If they crouch down or sniff in a particular spot, pick them up right away and set them in the box.

4. Praise for Use 

Any time your cat uses the litter box, praise them with a toy or treat. Many pet care centers have low-calorie training treats specifically for this purpose. Avoid scolding or punishing for accidents, as pets learn best with positive reinforcement. 

5. Clean the Litter Box 

Make your cat’s litter box a place they want to continue using by keeping it clean. Scoop solids daily and replace the litter regularly. If you start noticing an odor, it’s time to switch out the litter. When you do, clean the box with mild soap and water. If your cat has accidents outside the box, use an enzyme cleaning spray to eliminate the odor. Otherwise, the scent may encourage them to keep going in the same spot.


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