Any experienced electrician can tell you that, over time, the demand on your home's electrical system will increase as residents rely on more advanced automation and complicated electrical devices. This puts a greater load on your existing wiring. Meanwhile, the insulation around the wiring will start to crack and deteriorate with age. Both of these factors create a hazard that can only be remedied by a professional update. Below, you’ll find some important tips to help you determine if your wiring needs a refresher.

How to Tell if Your Electrical System Needs Updating

You Blow Fuses or Trip Breakers Frequently

ElectricianIf your fuses blow or your breakers trip frequently, it means one of two things: the circuit is overloaded or the system is experiencing a short circuit. Both indicate you may need to update your wiring. An overloaded circuit means your system cannot handle the electrical demand you've placed on it. A short circuit, which is more dangerous, occurs when an electrified wire comes in contact with another wire or a metal wall box.

Lights Dim or Flicker Regularly

If your lights frequently dim or flicker, you can assume the circuit is overloaded. In other words, the existing wiring system is not supplying enough steady power to illuminate your light fixtures. Alternatively, it could mean a wire or connection is loose, which can break the circuit and briefly cut power to the lights. A licensed electrician can tell you what the problem is and suggest a viable solution.

Hot or Scorched Wall Plates

If you smell burning metal or plastic, notice your switch or wall plates are hot to the touch, or see scorch marks around electrical receptacles housing one or more appliances, there could be a ground fault short circuit or an electrical system overload. In either case, the risk of fire warrants an immediate call to your electrician.


If you notice any of the above signs, have Zelek Electric, the most trusted and experienced electrical contractor in Old Lyme, CT, perform an inspection on your wiring. Visit them online to view their service area, or call (860) 434-9726 to speak with a friendly electrician.