If you rely on a generator to power your shed or garage or back up your house when the electricity goes out, then you need to keep it carefully maintained at all times. You never know when your generator might become your only source of power! Read on to learn about the top three ways you can keep your generator in perfect working order. 

3 Generator Maintenance Tasks

1. Change Oil & Filters

Just like your car or truck, your generator needs to have its filters and oil changed on a regular basis. In general, a new generator should have its first change after running for only 25 hours, and after that, after about every 60 hours. Never let your machine run low on oil or run with a dirty filter, and you can easily prolong its life. 

2. Maintain Fuel Levels

GeneratorSome generators, especially cheaper models, can be severely damaged if they run out of fuel completely. This is also true of some car models! The fix usually costs around $50 at a repair shop, but it’s not worth the hassle when you can prevent damage simply by keeping your generator properly fueled. Always keep some extra fuel safely stored in a designated container, and never let your engine run dry. 

3. Lock & Ground It

Locking down your generator serves two purposes: it protects your investment from theft and protects you from electric shocks. Lock your generator with a concrete pier and a grounding rod. You can have an electrician help you with this project, or do it yourself. Keep your valuable generator carefully locked to the pier with a chain and padlock. 


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