Open floor plans can make homes feel more welcoming and add flexibility to communal spaces. However, converting an existing layout to this one means reevaluating current design elements, including lighting. The creative use of light fixtures is vital to making the renovated area feel complete, so follow these tips with the help of an electrician.

How to Light an Open Floor Layout

1. Plan Ahead

Tearing down walls to create flow and space means fewer places to mount lights and not as many outlets in each room. Additionally, electrical wiring is often hidden within walls, so locations that currently have lights might get disconnected. To avoid dark areas, make a sketch that includes current electrical features, and pencil in where each new fixture will go.

Remember to include task lighting through table lamps or strategic overhead fixtures for activities that require direct illumination, such as reading. Also, consider where the open layout will add natural light, as fewer walls may lead to a generally brighter space. For example, if you had an armchair in a dark corner of your living room, but that chair will now be next to your patio door, you may not need additional light there.

2. Pick a Theme

electricianMany fixtures will be visible with an open layout, so set a theme to create a cohesive look. Choose a broad category, such as farmhouse, industrial, or modern, for the entire space. Then, within that style, pick out a wide variety of lights. For example, farmhouse lighting may include distressed wood, whereas industrial pieces may use more steel or copper. Keeping each fixture within that general theme will help you maintain a complete look without making every light exactly the same. Finally, experiment with multiple metals and finishes, such as brass and black or chrome and white, to create cohesion without being too repetitive.

3. Use Focal Pieces

Choose a statement piece for each room to ground the zone and keep the open space from overwhelming the eye. This might include a chandelier in the living room or a cluster of bold pendants in the kitchen. Then, sprinkle in smaller lamps and ambient lighting to illuminate the rest of the space. Avoid placing bold fixtures in transitional spaces, such as hallways, and stick to just one large piece per area to maximize its effect.


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