Well pumps are vital components of any private water system, but not all devices are the same. Manufacturers offer a variety of designs, each suited for a different type of water well. Below is an overview of the different types of well pumps available and some tips for deciding which is best for your home.

A Guide to the Different Types of Well Pumps

1. Shallow Well Jet Pump

Shallow well jet pumps are used in water wells less than 25 feet deep. Instead of being placed inside the well, these pumps sit in a special housing or on top of the pressure tank.

These pumps rely on electric motors to produce suction, which draws water from the bottom of the well. The jet pump design has few moving parts and requires little maintenance, making it one of the less expensive options on the market.

2. Deep Well Jet Pump

well pump

Deep jet pumps use the same technology as designs for shallow wells, with electricity powering an electric motor. However, they’re designed to draw water from wells that may be several hundred feet deep. 

Most of these pumps are submerged below the water line inside the pump, and use two pipes, one to draw water and another to push fluid from the pump into your plumbing system.

3. Submersible Pump

If your well is over 100 feet deep, a submersible pump may be the best option. These devices sit below the water line inside the well at depths of up to 325 feet and rely on different technology than jet pumps.

Instead of sucking water up into the plumbing, submersible pumps use electric impellers to push water up to the surface. This technique means these pumps only work when they’re completely submerged, but they can be the only option if your water table is far below ground.


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