Watches remain some of the most popular men’s accessories. Not only do they offer style but also the convenience of knowing the time, all the time. If you need a new timepiece, there are numerous men’s styles to select from. Review common choices in the following guide to help streamline the buying process. 

What Are Common Men’s Watch Styles?

1. Tactical

Tactical watches were traditionally designed for military use. They feature wide cases made with nonglare crystal that allows you to easily tell the time regardless of lighting conditions. Their durable bands are typically made of leather, nylon, or canvas. They can come off as bulky, but they often include additional features for “roughing it,” such as embossed band rulers and compasses.

2. Racing


Inspired by iconic Steve McQueen racing movies, racing styles typically feature brightly-striped leather or cloth bands and smaller cases compared to tactical versions. These accessories are relatively small to avoid weighing down a race car driver's wrist and often include tachymeters and chronographs. Tachymeters calculate the speed of cars and other moving objects, while chronographs provide stopwatch functions. If the band is made of leather, the material is perforated to enhance breathability and comfort. 

3. Aviator

The aviator watch was first developed in 1906 by Louis Cartier for pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont before he made his historic flight in Europe. It included a stopwatch feature, and since then, aviator options have evolved to include large dials and cases for quick in-flight readings. These watches also have long bands to ensure they fit around leather jackets. 

4. Dive 

A dive watch was originally developed in 1926 by Rolex® and designed to withstand both water and water pressure up to 990 feet. This accessory features a rotating bezel for diving time management, which helps keep the wearer aware of their remaining air supply. Cases are typically made of sapphire crystal glass for optimal scratch resistance, and bands consist of rubber, metal, or silicone for water resistance reasons.


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