It would be best if you visited your dentist at least twice a year to have your teeth cleaned. This routine will help professionals catch gum disease and decay in advance. It also reduces oral bacteria for a pleasing smile and fresh, clean breath. If you can't remember the date of your last cleaning or have noticed the following signs, it may be time to contact a local dental clinic. 

How Can You Tell It's Time for a Dental Cleaning?

1. Tooth Sensitivity 

Some people have naturally sensitive teeth. However, if your teeth are more sensitive than usual when eating hot and cold foods, you may be developing a cavity. As the enamel wears down, it allows bacteria to infiltrate the sensitive inner recesses of the teeth, leading to discomfort. In addition to cleaning your teeth, your dentist will also look for signs of cavities to develop the best treatment approach. 

2. Red, Swollen, & Bleeding Gums


Along with cavities, oral bacteria and plaque also cause gum irritation. For example, even minimal signs of redness, swelling, and bleeding indicate you may have gum disease. In addition to cleanings, you must also stick to a flossing routine to ward off any infections. Brushing alone can't keep plaque from forming between teeth or along the gumline, but daily flossing will ensure optimum oral health. 

3.  Persistent Bad Breath

As oral bacteria build up, you may notice that your breath smells different. Eliminating the bacteria is the only way to completely get rid of bad breath, as mouthwash will only mask odors for a short time. In addition to regular dental visits, you should also drink plenty of water during the day. Water improves saliva production, which prevents plaque and bacteria from clinging to enamel in the first place.  

4. Dental Discoloration

Teeth cleaning also offers cosmetic benefits. While not as effective as whitening procedures, the tools your dentist uses during the cleaning can scrub away stains and discoloration. Not only will you leave the dentist's office with improved oral health, but you can also enjoy your bright, new smile. 


If you need to get your teeth cleaned, turn to Bradley M. Stewart DMD in Olive Branch, MS. As a trusted local dentist, Dr. Stewart emphasizes the importance of preventative care. His team performs thorough cleanings while ensuring every patient leaves the office with a good understanding of proper oral care. Call (662) 893-5800 to schedule an appointment, or visit the website to access helpful patient forms.