If you're a divorced parent, it's normal to want to make the most of every minute you get with your child. Using your parenting time wisely will allow you to effectively connect with them. The following guide offers some useful tips to help you enjoy this crucial time so that you can create wonderful memories.

What Are Some Activities You Can Enjoy During Parenting Time?

1. Play a Game

Some competitive fun can be a great way to enjoy a beautiful day outside. Look for kid-friendly games that adults are sure to enjoy. For example, you can get a trampoline and enjoy jumping together in the backyard. It may be ideal to try active games, such as basketball at a local court, or imaginary games invented by your little one. For example, invite your child to decide what game you'll play together. This responsibility will boost their confidence since it shows you value their opinion.

2. Make Something Together

parenting time

Whether you're baking cookies or creating arts and crafts, working together is a great way to bond. Try different theme nights, like taco night or pancake night, to keep the activity interesting and fun. Kids love to do something unexpected, such as having breakfast when it's dark out. These meals can become traditional, and your little one may even choose to enjoy them with their own children one day. 

3. Plan a Movie Night

If you get to see your child on a Friday or Saturday night, let them choose a movie to watch at home. You can make the night even more special with some of their favorite snacks. For example, treat them to some popcorn or an ice cream sundae. Once the food is ready, you can both set up sleeping bags in the living room, enjoy the movie, and create new memories. 


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