Awnings are a valuable investment if you want extra shade and aesthetic appeal for your business establishment. They can also serve as your signage. However, they will wear out over time and need replacement. If any of the following issues happen, call your commercial awning service and have them work on the replacement right away. 

3 Signs Your Awning Needs Replacing

1. Large Rips

The fabric on a commercial awning can get ripped or torn if hit too hard by flying branches or debris. It would be better to replace the material if the tear is too big. 

Stitching or patching might not give enough support to hold the fabric together if the awning gets hit again. Moreover, if the awning also doubles as signage, the repairs might distort the design on it. 

2. Excessive Mold Growth

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Awnings can also develop mold and mildew due to constant exposure to heat and moisture outdoors. Mold can trigger respiratory issues and allergies, affecting you, your employees, and customers. Also, a moldy awning in your business entryway leaves a poor impression on customers. 

If you don’t have the time to clean the awning regularly, consider switching to a more mold-resistant one. For instance, vinyl is waterproof, so it’s less likely to collect moisture and grow mold on the surface. 

3. Structural Damage

Awning frames are typically sturdy, but they could still bend, crack, or snap after bearing heavy loads like snow piles during winter. Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes could also cause structural damage. 

While a commercial awning professional might still be able to repair it, this option is often not feasible for awnings with extensive damage. In general, replacements offer more visual appeal and durability than repairs.


When it comes to commercial awning projects, you can trust B & W Awning Company. The BBB-accredited company has designed and installed awnings throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee since 1885. They work with a wide range of materials and designs, from fabric, vinyl, and retractable, to standing seam awnings. They also accept custom wall padding projects. If you have quote requests or inquiries, call (859) 254-0973 or send a message via their website.