Whether you own an agricultural business or home in a remote area, you’ll need a steady supply of water to keep everything running smoothly. As an alternative to conventional systems, consider installing a solar water pump for your private well to reap several benefits.

3 Advantages of Solar Water Pumps

1. Install Equipment Anywhere

Since a solar water pump uses the sun’s energy to work, you aren’t limited to where the system can be installed. With traditional pump systems, users are dependent on whatever energy sources are available in the area. This means it could be difficult to operate AC/DC-, gas-, or hydraulic-powered equipment in remote locations. Setting up a windmill to use compressed air to operate the pump can also be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor.

2. Meet Changing Demands

solar water pumpWhen it’s sunny outside, solar water pump production increases. Ample sunlight means hotter temperatures, and livestock, crops, or family members will consume more water to stay hydrated. You can store water during times of high production to ensure your property always has a supply.

3. Save on Operating Costs

Each time an electric- or gas-powered pump is used, it contributes to a property’s overall energy consumption. Energy from the sun is free, and using a solar water pump will lower utility costs. Since harnessing alternative energy helps the environment, you may be eligible for federal tax credits for using the equipment, which can offset the purchase and installation costs.


If you want to harness Oahu’s abundant sunshine to reap these benefits, contact the team at Solar Help Hawaii in Honolulu. These skilled technicians have been outfitting homes and businesses with solar water pumps for over 20 years. Committed to providing customers with the best service possible, they offer five-year manufacturer and workmanship warranties. Learn more about their services online, or call (808) 548-4357 to schedule an appointment.