Whether you're downsizing your household or liquidating a family member's estate, holding a property auction can be more efficient than attempting to sell items one piece at a time. Greenways Real Estate & Auction, one of the best auction houses in Virginia, lists a few of the major benefits of holding an auction to sell off your unwanted items.

When you hold an auction, you'll enjoy:

  • Fast Sales: Selling items in a traditional manner can be a long, tedious process with uncertain results. When you hold an auction, however, you can sell off most of your items at once, and often at much higher prices than you could have gotten otherwise.
  • Higher Sales Prices: In a regular sale, the potential buyer will often try to negotiate a lower price. However, the competitive spirit of an auction will drive prices higher as buyers give successively higher bids.
  • Fun: Unlike making classified ads or holding estate sales, having an auction can be extremely entertaining. The suspense of watching the bids climb higher, having everyone together in one room, and seeing which items prove to be most popular is a lot more fun than other methods of selling your items.

With an experienced professional auctioneer like Greenways Real Estate & Auction, you'll also receive the benefit of an industry expert who will help ensure you get the best possible price for all of your items. They possess wide-ranging expertise across a broad array of subjects, giving them the insight to help you decide what to sell and for how much.

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