Addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol comes in two broad forms: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient treatment provides residential rehabilitation for people with severe drug and alcohol problems and includes 24/7 emotional and medical support. It allows patients to focus exclusively on getting better in a safe, distraction-free setting, with treatment lasting 28 days to six months. It is expensive compared to outpatient treatment and generally considered more effective. However, outpatient services help many people enjoy successful recoveries. 

What Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment & Its Benefits?

Daytime Substance Abuse Counseling

Outpatient treatment requires patients to visit a designated care facility on a daily basis or as recommended but allows them to continue living in their homes. It is frequently the next step for recovering addicts who have completed inpatient therapy. Outpatient addiction treatment works best for patients who do not require 24/7 monitoring or are not a danger to themselves or others. Those with a history of relapsing or direct access to drugs and alcohol usually find better results with inpatient treatment.

How Outpatient Treatment Helps

addiction treatmentAn outpatient substance abuse program allows patients to maintain relatively normal daily schedules and receive the support of family and friends. They can still attend school or go to work during outpatient treatment, which can last up to a year. Many outpatient treatment centers offer individual as well as group therapy so recovering addicts can share their stories with others in similar situations and perhaps make new friends.

Other outstanding benefits of outpatient addiction treatment include resocialization and life skill development help as well as relapse prevention therapy, sober living house referrals, pharmacological and mental health treatment, and alcohol and drug education. Many patients view this treatment as the final step in ending their addiction(s) for good so they can enjoy happy, healthy lives.


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