Most couples can confidently say they know each other well. While this may be true, identifying when a loved one is depressed can be tricky. The signs of this condition vary with each person and some will go through great lengths to conceal their true emotions. Here are several signs to look out for if you suspect your spouse, partner, or significant other is experiencing depression

4 Signs That Could Indicate Depression

1. Anxiety

Frequent bouts of feeling anxious could stem from job, financial, marital, or other concerns. Although most people experience occasional anxiety due to life events, repetitive cycles of worry may bring on depression. If you notice your partner is constantly experiencing anxiousness, combined with feelings of irritability, restlessness, and/or tense muscles, they may be overwhelmed and should consider talking to a professional. 

2. Trouble Sleeping

Marked changes in sleeping habits may be another sign of depression. These changes can range from not being able to fall asleep to sleeping for unusually long periods of time. Pay attention to your loved one’s behavior when it’s time for bed. Worry, anxiety, and stress can trigger a pattern of waking up in the middle of the night. 

3. Mood Changes

depressionPeople going through depression may experience a range of moods throughout short periods of time. From sorrow and anger to apathy and irritability, their wide spectrum of emotions could be a signal that they don’t know to cope with their feelings. Consider approaching your partner in a loving way and gently ask how they’re doing. Point out how you’ve noticed their mood swings and try to get them to communicate.

4. Isolation

Once very social, your loved one is now uninterested in interacting with others. They may dread going to family gatherings or being in public settings. Isolation could be a sign of not wanting to mask underlying pain, grief, or hopelessness around others.

Avoid pressuring them to “get out of the house.” Instead, inquire about the change in their behavior without being accusatory. Express your love for them and tell them you’re asking out of genuine concern. 


It can be difficult to spot the signs of depression. If you suspect someone you love is not their usual self, Daymark Recovery Services in Lexington, NC, is here to offer professional guidance. The team of compassionate and experienced counselors and clinicians are trained to diagnose and treat depression in adults and children. Because no two individuals are alike, you can rely on customized care here. To schedule a confidential appointment for you or a loved one, call (336) 242-2450. Visit the website for extensive information on the treatment center’s behavioral health services.