Circumstances related to COVID-19 or other life events may have led to changes in your daily routine. If managing depression is something you’re coping with, it’s important to remain in control of your life. Utilize these tips to improve your physical and mental health during this time of uncertainty.

How to Address Your Symptoms of Depression 

1. Incorporate Exercise Daily

For many people, exercise is a healthy way to minimize symptoms of depression. Exercise stimulates the brain to produce chemicals, including norepinephrine, serotonin, and endorphins, which help raise blood pressure, reduce pain, and increase good feelings.

depressionIf your gym is still closed and fitness classes haven’t resumed, set aside 30 minutes each day for getting some fresh air while jogging or taking a brisk walk. If you’re house-bound or under quarantine, search websites and apps like YouTube® or TikTok for dance and exercise videos that feature your favorite songs or workout routines.       

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When you sleep well at night, it’s easier to manage depression during the day. Fortunately, the chemicals released by the brain during exercise also help the body relax for sleeping. Try going to bed at the same time every night without distractions and setting your alarm clock to wake you at the same time each morning. Establishing a routine can reduce bouts of anxiety that can disturb your rest.       

3. Eat Well & Regularly

Keeping your body fed and hydrated are important factors in relieving symptoms of depression. To maintain the levels of vitamin B12, D, and folate your body needs, eat leafy green vegetables, eggs, chicken, beef, and beans.

Including milk, fortified cereals, and salmon in your diet while avoiding alcohol and refined sugars makes it easier to counteract depressive feelings. Drink lots of water and squeeze in juice from fresh lemons or add vitamin C packets or tablets for a refreshing flavor while taking in the necessary nutrients.


If you or a loved one needs professional help to manage depression symptoms, turn to Daymark Recovery Services in Lexington, NC. This treatment center offers a number of resources, including counseling and outpatient services to those in need. For more information about their welcoming and compassionate approach to addressing mental health issues, visit their website. Call (336) 242-2450 to speak with a friendly staff member.