Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or corporate party, if you're planning an event where alcohol will be served, there are a few precautions you must take. By following the appropriate procedures, you can ensure that the occasion will be safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here's what you can do during the event with the help of security guards

How to Safely Serve Alcohol at an Event

1. Hire Security Guards

Having security guards at an alcohol-friendly site will be a relief to all staff and guests. They'll provide protection if someone gets too rowdy and needs to be escorted out of the venue. This will prevent someone else—like a bartender or another attendee—who may not have adequate experience to deal with the situation appropriately from having to do it themselves. Additionally, look for security guards who have training in first aid and CPR so that you have professionals on-site who can help in case of an injury.

2. Offer Food as Well

security guards

To minimize the likelihood of people getting intoxicated too quickly, you should serve food as well. Even if it's just appetizers, food slows down the body's ability to absorb alcohol. 

In general, you should provide enough options so that your attendees can maintain the right proportion of food to alcohol. Ideally, knowing the guest count beforehand by requiring RSVPs or keeping track of ticket purchases can help you determine how much food to serve. 

3. Distinguish Underage Guests 

If you expect underage guests at the event, there must be a system in place to differentiate them from those who are allowed to drink. This can be a wristband, hand stamp, or card that they receive as they show their ID when entering the venue. Additionally, inform any security guards and whoever is serving alcohol about the system so that they can easily identify who is underage. 


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