Installing whole house water filter systems is a smart investment. It's an effective way to reduce the impurities in the water and guarantees your household receives clean drinking water. However, with constant use, the effectiveness of the filters to strain contaminants is diminished, which is why it's important to know how often you should replace your filters.

The professionals at Affordable Water Treatment in Gig Harbor, WA, discuss how frequently you should replace the filters in your whole house water filter system:

  • Sediment Pre-Filter: The first level of your whole house filter system is the sediment pre-filter. This component is responsible for catching sediments in the water. Over time, dirt accumulates, clogging water filter systems. To prevent this from happening, replace your filter every three to six months.

  • water filter system Sub-Micron Post-Filter: For homeowners who want to make sure their water is free of harmful particles, installing sub-micron filters is a good decision. The sub-micron post-filter removes harmful microbes in the water. Experts recommend changing these filters every nine to 12 months.

  • Iron Filters: Iron filters should be changed as soon as you notice changes in the water flow. Slow water flow indicates corrosion in the filters. When ignored, iron could mix into the water.

Some components in water filter systems need to be replaced as often as possible to optimize its performance. If you notice discoloration and changes in the taste and flow of your water, replace your filters as soon as possible. These changes indicate that your filters have lost its efficiency in removing impurities.

If you need to replace the filters on your water filtration system, it’s best to call a professional to ensure the job is completed accurately. Call Affordable Water Treatment at (253) 858-7644 to schedule an appointment. This family-owned and -operated company strives to give personalized attention to each customer’s needs. Visit the website to learn how you can benefit from their services.