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About Communifi

The Communifi toolkit uses a three-solution approach to help local businesses grow and flourish. This platform combines digital marketing, point of sale and valuable reporting to help business owners reach new customers online and gauge the performance of their marketing campaigns.

The Communifi toolkit relies on a set of features that work together to increase sales, boost your rankings, establish your voice, make your presence known, and connect with your consumers. Let’s take a closer look at the three solutions that make up the toolkit:



As a local, social, and mobile marketing tool, the Communifi digital marketing solution makes it possible for your business  to connect with both future and current customers to establish a relationship and solidify your brand and voice.

Using a single, uniform tool, clients can find everything they need to successfully run and expand your business/s without having to rely on several different devices and programs to accomplish that goal.  

  • Content Creation – Experienced writers will draft original content about your business, multiple times a month.
  • Social Media – Social media pages will be created and customers will receive notifications for all activity regarding your business’s social media accounts   
  • Email Marketing – Email lists target a large network of customers.
  • Content Publishing – Content is published via social media platforms, email, and online publications.
  • Business Listing Management – Business information will be updated on search engines, maps, directories, and apps, so it’s consistent across the board.
  • SEO – Using optimization tools, your business will be visible and ranking well on search engine pages, like Google.
  • Website Development – Designers will build unique websites that are mobile-friendly and professional.
  • Social Reputation Management – Conversations, reviews, and any other interaction on your business’ social media pages will be monitored and addressed by our team of social media experts.
  • Account Coordinator – Dedicated staff members will oversee your business strategy and ensure your objectives are met.



Our POS system, which is powered by ShopKeep, allows you to run your business more efficiently- and provides you with valuable sales data that helps you gauge the results of your TV and digital marketing campaigns.

Through an intuitive platform, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of the ins and outs of your business.  Our POS is able to track your customers, inventory and staff, which you will be able to access remotely, at any time. Business owners will also benefit from a secure transaction system with EMV capabilities, you’re able to check your registers, open checks, and even create your own customized register!

And if you are in need of customer support, our team of experts is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • No more servers : Sync your register & open checks in real time directly to the cloud.
  • Manage inventory & staff : Track intuitively & in detail.
  • Total security : EMV capabilities keep your information safe.
  • Remote access: Use our smartphone app to see how your business is doing, wherever you are.
  • Customer management: Tailor the look & functionality of your point of sale to fit your business needs.
  • Branded Gift Cards: Available to all POS customers, with business name
  • 24/7 customer care: Questions? Ask us by phone, online chat or email anytime, 365 days a year.



With Communifi’s reporting capabilities, business owners are given access to real time insights on digital marketing and point of sale, so you can grow your business and maximize profits.

Easily viewed on PCs or mobile phones, these reporting tools make it possible to tie campaign performance to actual sales and convert prospects into customers.

Not only will this help make it easier to determine which campaigns are effective, it will allow you to make smarter decisions for your business.


Digital Marketing Insights

Customers reached

Content viewed

Local & mobile SEO

Social media & reviews

Marketing To-Do’s


Point of Sale Insights

Gross & net sales

Top selling items & margins

Inventory management & reordering

Staff management

Customer purchase history



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