No matter what type of print media you're creating, from a billboard to a business card, color is an essential aspect in its design. High-quality full color printing offers benefits that you won't get with a black and white or gray scale print job. These make it worth the small extra investment in paying for color. 

full color printing

Why Does Full Color Printing Make a Difference?

1. Catch the Eye

While the eye skims over neutrals such as white and gray, it is drawn to bold colors. A vibrant piece of print media pops out of the page to grab people's attention and keep it. Use the color to draw attention to the aspects you want the reader to focus on, such as your business’s phone number or the website link. 

2. Look More Professional

Though the cost savings of using black and white are minimal, the perceived cost is significantly less. A presentation booklet or a stack of flyers without any color looks much less exciting than one with crisp and bold colors. 

It doesn't reflect as well on your business, as the first impression it gives people is that your organization is cheap. People will be more impressed with colorful media, which looks much more expensive than it really is.

3. Reinforce Your Branding

Color is an important part of your branding, as it is much more memorable. Using the same colors throughout your promotional materials makes your business much more recognizable. Studies have found that color elicits an emotional reaction, which significantly boosts brand recognition. People are more likely to choose your products or services when they remember your brand. 


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