Business cards are enduring symbols of networking and success. They continue to play an important role in the workplace, which is why it’s important to have a quality stock handy. The design can make a powerful first impression and is often the key to making yourself stand out from the crowd. Consider the following perks of investing in business cards.

Why You Need Business Cards

1. Credibility

You immediately elevate yourself from competitors when you pull out a business card. They let the recipient know you take your work seriously. Sharing your contact info also lets a potential partner know that you’re communicative and trustworthy. These are important qualities to project if you’re at a networking event and don’t have much facetime with potential connections.

2. Brand Awareness

business-card-la-crosseWhether you’re representing yourself or a company, business cards can be a powerful branding tool. Choosing a thick paper stock and gloss finish can have a powerful impact and express creativity. Choosing a minimalist design and applying your logo will make your brand identifiable. Think about the role your branding plays when choosing a font, color, and general design for your business cards.

3. Staying Present

After a trade show or networking event, potential employers and partners will be swimming with new connections. A recognizable business card ensures you remain at the forefront of their minds. They’ll have all your contact information to ensure they can reach you, and careful branding will help them remember a little bit about you.

When designing your card, make sure all your contact information is in a clean, legible font. Avoid using too many colors or cramming information into small spaces. Many professionals dedicate one side to their logo and branding and the other side strictly for personal information. Choose a thick, quality paper stock so that your business card doesn’t get damaged in a pocket or pile.

4. Evergreen Marketing

Business cards never stop being useful. They’re affordable, and you can use the same card for years to come. Recipients may pass it along to other connections, further expanding your efforts, and you won’t have to dig into your budget to afford more.


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