If you want to stay connected with existing customers or reach a new audience for your goods and services, a booklet is a wonderful way to deliver information about your business. Printing services can help make your text stand out, whether your goal is to make a small magazine, catalog, or detailed brochure. Here are several ways to create the perfect printed booklet.

How to Create Printed Booklets

1. Organize Your Content

You want your audience to understand everything you include in your text, so thoroughly organizing all of your content is crucial. Create engaging and descriptive titles and subheadings and avoid dull language.

Creatively worded and well-organized content is likely to spark interest in your reader. Don’t forget to include your contact information afterward.

2. Select the Right Binding

printing servicesBooklets are smaller than books; they are usually between four and 128 pages. Printing services generally use saddle stitching, or staples down the spine, for small booklets between eight and 40 pages. However, thicker booklets may require a paperback binding with a cover and adhesive to connect the pages.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Margins

As you create your booklet, you’ll need to leave adequate space on the margins for the binding. Forgetting this step can make words or pictures bleed over the binding or the bend of the spine, which makes the text difficult to view.

It also looks unprofessional. Leave between 3mm and 5mm of space along the margins to give your booklet a cleaner appearance.

4. Choose Attractive Cover Art

A booklet’s first and last pages will serve as its front and back covers. Readers will likely choose a text with an eye-catching cover, so you’ll need to pay careful attention to how you design the first page.

Select a background, artwork, or photography piece that speaks to your business and content. Vivid colors paired with a strong title or brief message are ideal. 


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