Regardless of what field of business you are in, celebrating a grand opening allows you to engage new customers and get them excited about your services or products. Various business printings are one of the easiest ways to introduce your business and spread the word about your grand opening. When celebrating the beginning of your business, use these four promotional business printings to inform your community about the details.

The Top Ways to Promote Your Grand Opening

1. Hang a Banner

If your office is located downtown or in an area of the city that receives a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, consider having a banner professionally designed and printed. Not only is this an easy way to attract attention to your storefront, but you can include important details about the opening ceremony, products, and services you will be offering.

2. Send Mailers 

business printingMailing out a postcard with information on your business prior to your opening is an easy way to reach a wider audience. You can even send these mailers to other local companies in the area to show a sign of support and solidarity for the business community as a whole. Make sure to send mailers out at least three to four weeks before your opening to allow people time to plan for the occasion or find out more information.

3. Hang Up Flyers

Another simple way to spread the news about your grand opening is by printing off flyers to hang around the city. Opt for colorful flyers to help draw attention in and then make text easy to read with just the most important details listed out.

4. Print Off Brochures

In addition to business printings for your grand opening, have brochures on hand to introduce your brand to potential clients. You can include a detailed list of what products or services you offer, your ties to the community, and any opening day specials or giveaways you’ll be running.


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