Whether you need to send a letter or release a memo to all of your employees, you might wonder if you need a letterhead with the pertinent information—or if you should just send a quick email. While email is excellent for relaying messages quickly, sending a physical paper with your company information is professional, effective, and more convenient in many situations. Here are three reasons your business still needs a letterhead as part of the digital printing order. 

The Perks of Paper Letterhead

1. Build Your Brand

When you are in the early years of starting a business, you need other businesses and the public to correlate your services and products with your brand.

While store signs and other digital printing can help, your letterhead can help to build your brand—especially as you communicate with the media, potential vendors, investors, and clients. Additionally, taking the time to send a written note with your letterhead and signature shows how much you care. 

2. Share Pertinent Information Quickly 

digital printingLike a business card, a letterhead typically contains your company logo, address, phone number, fax number, and email addresses—along with the name of whoever the letterhead is made for.

Some businesses create different letterheads for various departments, making it easier for professionals within your organization to share pertinent information quickly and easily. 

3. Make Meetings Easier

Even in a digital world, there will be times when having a printed paper in front of you is much easier. With a paper document, you can quickly and efficiently compare notes, numbers, bids, and information in meetings, streamlining the process.

Anytime you are going to a meeting where you will be promoting your services, bring crucial information printed on a letterhead. That way, the bids or information you give will be placed conveniently next to your brand and contact information, saving investors and vendors time—and streamlining the meeting. 


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