Your business logo is more than just an image. It also represents your brand's identity. Often, when companies hire printing services, their envelopes go overlooked, causing them to miss out on the opportunity to make an impression on their clients. Learn how adding a logo to your envelopes can benefit your business in the guide below.

The Benefits of Adding a Logo to Your Business Envelopes

1. Increased Credibility

Customer interaction means more than face-to-face dealings, and when you have to send paper correspondence to your clients, it's just as important to stand out from your competitors.

While traditional white envelopes are easy to overlook, custom envelopes featuring your company's logo and branding colors not only make them more noticeable but also more professional. Custom envelopes show your clients that you're serious about your business and the image you portray down to the last detail. 

2. Raise Brand Awareness

printing servicesJust like business cards and custom letterhead, professionally designed logos are an extension of your brand.

An envelope with a custom logo tells your clients who you are before they open it, potentially increasing the likelihood they'll open your letter and engage with your business.

Having an attractive and professional envelope can also help your customers remember your business if they need your services in the future.

3. Improved Efficiency

Professional printing services can easily tailor your envelopes to include your logo in addition to useful information such as your business name and address.

This makes it easy for you and your employees to streamline your work since you no longer have to write out your return address or apply labels. This can be especially beneficial when sending out mass mailing campaigns, promotional materials, or holiday cards. 


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