Today’s small businesses have access to tons of digital marketing options, but some of the more traditional methods can still be effective. For instance, brochures provide a tangible way to share information about a company’s offerings. Here’s why you should work with a business printing company to utilize this powerful option.

3 Reasons You Should Still Use Brochures

1. Tangible

Unlike online ads, brochures offer a physical item potential customers can hold in their hands. Once they receive it, they can hold onto it or place it on their fridge or bulletin board so that it may serve as a reminder when they’re actually ready to buy from you.

Additionally, they can easily pass the brochure along to friends or family who may be interested in your products or services.

2. Descriptive

business printingMany digital marketing channels only give you a short character limit or amount of space. Brochures give you more room to add descriptions, photos, and special offers. The front page should still be short and eye-catching, but those who are interested in learning more can get more in-depth once they open it.

3. Easy to Distribute

There are tons of ways to get your brochures out to local consumers who are likely to be interested in your business. You can mail them directly, place them in e-commerce orders, place them in your reception area, or distribute them at trade shows or special events.

If you market to customers in a specific geographic area, this provides a targeted way to get your message out to the most relevant people.


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