Attractive, eye-catching advertising materials can give your marketing plan a boost. Full color printing is an easy way to make your designs pop. Learn more about the process below and how it will benefit your marketing plans this year.

What Is Full Color Printing?

Full color printing means four-color printing. Four color plates, sometimes called CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) are the foundation tones used in varying degrees and combinations to create other colors on the spectrum. Printers use data from the program in which the design was made to determine how much of each hue to release to create the right saturation and intensity.  

The process is an affordable choice that offers a broad range of options when it comes to your design wishes. Virtually any color can be achieved, and the result is a clean, crisp, bright set of advertising materials that will garner attention from clients and customers.

What Are the Benefits of Full Color for Advertising Materials?

full color printingFlyers, brochures, business cards, and other advertising materials get a boost when you choose full color printing. Because these marketing options are a cost-effective way to grab attention, printing in color ensures every detail is seen. The vibrancy of different tones is eye-catching and attractive, and your materials are less likely to get lost or forgotten in a pile of other papers or brochures.

The words on full color prints are easier to see and read. Black and white text tends to blend, causing people to miss vital information. With color, you can draw the eye to the details you want it to register.

Using your logo and making it stand out is simpler in color. The brand you are known for is easy to spot. Consider designing the rest of your flyer based on the tones associated with your company, creating a cohesive, pleasing result. It also guarantees that your logo doesn’t get lost or overlooked.


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