Whether you need a gift for the holidays or a birthday, it can be a challenge to come up with a thoughtful one. Finding one for those who love wine can be even trickier. If you can't whisk them away to a winery, here are some suggestions that will help you make the right statement of appreciation.

What Can You Gift a Wine Enthusiast?

1. Custom Wine 

Picking the perfect wine as a present can be challenging with so many different preferences to consider. However, it's an opportunity to give your loved one a personalized wine. You or the recipient can choose the ingredients and flavor profile to make a drink all their own. Customize the label and foil top to represent the special occasion, creating a unique bottle.

2. Statement Wine Stopper

If your loved one plans to throw events for the holidays, gift them a wine stopper to help them save any leftover bottles. A wine stopper keeps oxygen from spoiling the drink while preventing it from spilling out, working as a replacement for a cork. Apart from being practical, it also serves decorative purposes and comes in various styles. Find a stopper that represents a shared memory or complements the gift recipient's home décor.

3. Stunning Stemware


The container you sip from makes all the difference in how a drink tastes and smells. Find a glass that exhibits elegant craft and design. However, the shape of the receptacle will depend on the preferred drink. For example, a white wine glass is smaller than one for red. Your loved one would appreciate adding more specialty glasses to their collection.

4. Wine Club

With numerous subscription services available, there will be a wine club that fits a loved one's tastes. These memberships send bottles monthly or quarterly and can introduce the recipient to a new favorite. Some services may also offer discounts on wines.


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