Many people pair their food with a bottle of wine to enhance the meal’s flavors. However, between roses and red or white wine, it can be challenging to decide which bottle to choose. Use this guide to help you choose the perfect bottle.

3 Tips for Selecting the Right Bottle of Wine

1. Decide on the Type

Wines fit into a few basic categories, such as red, white, rose, and sparkling. Bottles are typically organized on the shelf by these categories, and you can minimize your selection time by choosing a variety to peruse. If you haven’t had wine before, opt for a rose or sweet white wine. These beverages aren’t too bitter, making them ideal for people who are new to wine.

2. Consider the Occasion

white wineThink about when you’ll enjoy the bottle and make your selection accordingly. For example, if you’re hosting a dinner and serving fish, opt for a bottle of white wine. This beverage will complement, not overpower, the seafood’s delicate flavors. Pour a bottle of red if you’ll serve a heavy dish, like lamb or beef, as the beverage is robust enough to complement the bold entrees.

3. Read the Label

Reading the label will help you understand what’s inside the bottle. The label should include specific information about the wine, such as the region the grapes are from, as well as its vintage. Certain regions are well-known for particular grape varieties. For example, Napa Valley in California is known for growing high-quality cabernet sauvignon, and Italy is famous for their sangiovese.

The vintage will tell you when the grapes were used. Age affects wine because it indicates how long it was allowed to ferment. The fermentation process creates complex flavors in the beverage, granting it floral, earthy, or spicy notes.


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