Whether you are visiting a winery or at home with friends, wine tastings are a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Pairing wine with delicious snacks is all part of the fun, and finding the right snacks for your tasting party is much easier than you might think. Below are a few foods to try at your next wine tasting event. 

Which Snacks Pair Well With Wine?

1. Cheese & Crackers

It’s no secret that cheese and crackers are a great accompaniment with wine. More pungent cheeses, such as Stilton, work best with sweeter wines, while something like Chardonnay will work well with goat cheese. When it comes to crisp whites, creamy cheeses and rich, buttery crackers bring out the tartness. 

2. Cold Cuts

If you’re a fan of red wine, consider pairing your favorite bottle with salty meats, such as cold cuts. For example, prosciutto, which is a dry-cured ham, goes well with Chianti due to the richness and saltiness of the meat. Pastrami, salami, and pancetta are also great selections with dry reds. 

3. Fruit

Wine TastingFor a healthier selection during a wine tasting, consider a selection of fruit. Crisp fruits like apples and pears pair beautifully with Cabernet, while tangy blueberries are great with Chardonnay. With a Sauvignon Blanc, consider strawberries or plums. 

4. Shrimp

Surprisingly, prawns and shrimp also go well with many different types of white wines. When eating a shrimp cocktail, rosé is perfect with the classic cocktail sauce. If you’re eating prawns with garlic sauces or seasonings, look for a wine with citrus undertones. A white Rioja might work well, in this case. 


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