The holidays are on the way, and you may be starting your shopping list for friends, family, and coworkers. A bottle of personalized wine from Oeno Winemaking in Kailua, HI, is the perfect gift no matter what you celebrate. Take a look at why customizing a bottle for someone this season is a good choice.


Personalized wines can be created to suit the unique palate of the recipient. If they prefer red or white, sweet or bold, the blend will be catered to their desires, making every glass special. You can even customize the label, adding an extra touch to their holiday gift.

At Oeno Winemaking, custom orders are completed in four to six weeks, depending on what you select. This includes fermentation in their temperature-controlled room and plenty of time to design your label. The team offers templates to guide you and can help every step of the way for your memorable gift.

Unique Flavors

personalized wineWhile you can always choose a classic flavor profile, Oeno Winemaking offers ingredients few wineries have, like pineapple, tropical lime, and coconut. These unique choices make your blend personal and ensure the finished product is true to Hawaii’s famous flavors.

The staff can provide guidance on the best pairings and how to highlight the flavor profile you want. They import their raw ingredients from the best vineyards in the world, and their grapes are harvested under specific conditions to ensure high caliber juices. When your friend or family member uncorks the bottle, they’ll experience a delicious taste they’ve never tried, and it’ll be designed with them in mind.

If you want to create personalized wine to give away this holiday season, head to Oeno Winemaking in Kailua, HI. Their one-of-a-kind, hands-on approach to winemaking includes all-natural ingredients sourced from different locations worldwide. You can trust their experienced team to help you create a unique and delicious mixture. They’re also open for regular business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit them online to learn more about the process, or call (808) 263-6366 to book a tasting.