If you’re about to go to your first wine tasting, you may be uncertain about what to expect. You’ll have the opportunity to sample different varieties, and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about wines on a deeper level. Here are four questions you can ask the pourer during the event.

What to Ask at a Wine Tasting

What are the notes?

It’s best to sip the wine without any initial revelations. This allows you to develop an opinion instead of focusing too much on seeking specific nuances.

After the initial sip, ask the pourer or winemaker about the wine’s depth and profile. This can make for a far more intriguing and intuitive tasting experience as you start discovering what makes each glass special.

What’s the best way to serve this?

wine tastingTake advantage of the pourer’s knowledge, especially if you plan to purchase a bottle from the wine tasting. Ask which temperature to serve it in and which glass to use to highlight the flavor’s complexities. You should also inquire how to seal and store it to preserve its freshness. 

What food should I pair with it?

Most whites complement sweet dishes and desserts, while full-bodied reds typically go with red meat and heavy pasta. Ask the pourer which dishes to serve with the wine, as a proper pairing may expose subtle notes you may not have noticed prior.

Which grapes are used?

Most bottles feature some sort of grape distinction, like pinot noir or chardonnay, but others may not. If you enjoy a particular bottle, don’t be afraid to ask which variety was used to produce it. This is a wonderful chance for the winemaker to share details about the winery’s climate and harvesting practices—enthusiasts enjoy sharing their knowledge with people who are interested.


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