Almost everyone could use additional square footage. When a small home or an overabundance of "stuff" has made space tight for you, a pole barn is an excellent solution. If you’re in the dark about these structures, Freres Building Supply of Stayton, OR, is happy to provide a bit of background. This foundation-less structure is comprised of steel or aluminum panels and upheld by a system of poles. Here, they discuss five key uses for a pole barn, whether you need extra room for living, work, or storage.

5 Ways to Use a Pole Barn 

1. Garage

A pole barn makes a terrific first or second garage. If your current home has no garage, this structure will allow you a place to store your car and protect it from the elements. If your car already has a home, you can use the pole barn to store your boat, off-road vehicle, or camper during the off-season.

2. Equipment Shed

Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, tractors, pesticide sprayers, and fertilizer spreaders take up a lot of room. A pole barn lets you safeguard your expensive lawn and gardening equipment and free up space in your garage or basement.

3. Home Office

With the proper permits, a pole barn makes an ideal office for those who work from home. Add some lights, a desk, and electronic equipment, and you’ll be ready to set up shop!

4. Workshop

If you enjoy woodworking, metalworking, or just fixing things around the house, a pole barn makes a terrific workshop. Instead of holing up in your basement or garage, designate a new space where you can indulge in your favorite hobby.

5. Party Venue

Pole barn When you have a small home, large get-togethers may seem impossible. Luckily, a pole barn makes an excellent party venue for friends and extended family. Just install a bar, some tables and chairs, and a sound system, and you can host an affair to remember.

Freres Building Supply, the premier lumber and building materials dealer in Stayton, OR, offers simple, affordable pole building packages tailored to every client’s specific needs. Call them at (503) 769-2879 to request an estimate, or visit their website to see pole barn packages and guidelines.