When you first welcome a new puppy into your home, everything about them may seem lovable and exciting. However, young canines often exhibit certain behaviors that can be problematic, such as jumping. In addition to getting puppy training from a certified professional, here's what you can do at home to discourage your furry friend from this habit.

Why Do Puppies Jump?

Jumping is an instinctual trait among dogs, which is why they do it from an early age. If they were raised in the wild, they would jump up to their mother’s face and lick her to communicate their wish for food. This is done to show that they’re requesting and not simply taking the food that the pack leader has brought them. 

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Even if there’s no food to provide, puppies naturally jump up and lick their owners to show affection and greet humans as if they were the pack leader. They may also jump up on other people when they feel vulnerable or anxious to assert their own power. 

What Can You Do to Curb the Behavior?

You can discourage your puppy's jumping habit by not rewarding the behavior. Start by waiting to give them affection until they’ve calmed down. For the first few minutes after you walk through the door, you should avoid talking to or petting your dog until they’re standing on all four paws. 

When your puppy is about to meet someone new, make sure they’re wearing a leash so that you can use slight pressure to encourage them to stay down. As your puppy gets older, you can try teaching them a sit command to use whenever they try to jump up. 


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