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If you're looking for bankruptcy representation with decades of experience and a strong team providing top-tier service to all of their clients, look no further than Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney in Honolulu, HI. As a proven legal professional with a wide breadth of expertise, you can rely on him to help clear your debt away and guide you toward a new lease on life.

Attorney Greg Dunn is a native of Oahu, and has experience with over 12,000 bankruptcy cases. His firm has been helping local clients since 1996, and is built on Attorney Dunn’s knowledge and passion for helping struggling families completely eliminate their debt problems. With always-open lines of communication and a steady focus on client needs, this law firm has all the tools to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Over the years, this firm has helped thousands of Honolulu families escape from the prison of un-payable debts and creditor harassment. They fully understand every aspect of the bankruptcy process, and constantly stay up-to-date on the latest changes to the constantly-evolving bankruptcy code.  If creditors are nipping at your heels or you're facing foreclosure, you can depend on the accomplished team at Gregg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney to help you take advantage of any debt relief options available to you.

If you're in the Honolulu area and are struggling with debts you can't pay, Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney can help. To get the expert assistance you need, visit the firm’s website or call (808) 524-4529 today.


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"Greg and Francene treated us like family and not just a client. They truly care and fight on our behalf. They understood the difficulties we were going..."... ...more
- Patrick W.[Yelp, August 9, 2020]
"Mr Dunn has shared his wisdom and given us guidance through a rough spot in our lives. Thanks to his wide base of knowledge we have a very strong foothold on our finances now and just invested in our first home! Thank you so much Greg!"... ...more
- Arica Earley[Google My Business, December 31, 2020]
"5 STARS for Greg and his team. Thank you so much for all your help, words cannot describe how appreciative I am. I can say that Greg Dunn and his team are the best in the industry. I feel very blessed to have retained him as counsel. He is extremely professional, organized, and treated my case like it was his own. His experience and knowledge made this process a whole lot easier and smooth. Francene is very professional, friendly, and wonderful to work with. Greg and his team are lifesavers! Thank you!"... ...more
- Josh Arango[Google My Business, December 3, 2020]