Criminals trying to get inside your home will most likely strike at night. Moving around in the dark can be dangerous if you need to defend your property. That’s where a tactical light or laser sight comes in handy. For the next time you’re at a gun shop for home defense items, learn if a tactical light or laser sight is right for you.

How Are Firearm Light & Laser Accessories Helpful for Home Security?

Laser Sights

If you need quick and precise targeting in a stressful situation like a home invasion, laser sights are a top choice. Easily purchased at a gun shop, laser sights can be rail-mounted or grip-integrated to fit any style of gun. Laser bore sights utilize laser technology to align the sight and the barrel of a gun, which makes it easier to find the correct target quickly. There are also night vision laser sights that utilize infrared technology so you can see in the dark. 

Modern versions of laser sights are sleek and compact, making them easy to mount on guns, rifles, and even shotguns. There are also options for concealed pistols that won’t add bulk to your firearm. Your favorite gun shop will help you narrow down the best choice for the weapon you have.

Tactical Lights

gun shopA tactical light is a flashlight used with your firearm to locate and identify a target. Either handheld or mounted to your weapon, the beam of light runs parallel to the bore. While it can illuminate a criminal lurking on your property, it can also be used as a scare tactic to catch a perpetrator off guard and disorient them.

Some options have beam modes where users can adjust the intensity of the light. Others even include a strobe effect. When choosing a tactical light, select one with the right range for your needs. Medium- and long-range options are usually used for outdoor and distant targets while short to mid-range beams are sufficient for home defense purposes. Similar to laser sights, these gun accessories are lightweight and compact, so they won’t add too much bulk to your firearm.

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