The longbow has a prolific and impressive history. During the Hundred Years’ War, it helped the English secure a series of major victories against the French. If you’re intrigued about this nostalgic archery tool, keep these suggestions in mind when you start hunting with one.

How to Start Hunting With a Longbow

1. Specify the Basics

Factors that will affect your comfort and success with a longbow are the bow’s length, the bowstring, and the weight. To shoot with precision and force, these factors work in unison. A sporting goods store that stocks a full selection of bows will help you make the right selection based on your size and strength.

2. Master the Shoot

archerySuccessful shooting depends on your form and focus. Consider enrolling in an archery course to master these skills before you begin hunting. An instructor will demonstrate all the different ways you can grip a longbow when aiming for a target, including split-finger and gap. The former is appropriate if you’re holding the bow flush with your jaw, and the gap-shooting method is best if you’re anchoring the bow near your eye or cheekbone. A slight tilt can bring your goal into better focus and help you shoot more instinctively and effectively.

3. Always Follow Through

Neglecting to follow through is a common beginner’s mistake, but it’s an essential archery maneuver if you intend to shoot with precision. If you release the arm supporting the bow before the arrow clears the space, you’ll drive it in the wrong direction, usually somewhere below your target.


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