Deer season begins in September, and if you’re a first-time hunter, you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment. Archery, as opposed to rifle hunting, offers a number of advantages. Bowhunting season is longer than gun season, and you won’t have to worry about loud bangs scaring off prey. As you gear up for deer hunting, here are some arrowheads to consider.

What Are the Best Arrowheads for Archery & Bowhunting?

1. Grabbing

Grabbing arrows have wire hooks or springs that protrude outward at the base of the head. These are ideal for a beginner’s field practice, as they have the same weight as broadheads, which are among the most popular for game hunting. At the same time, their prongs will keep the arrowhead from disappearing into natural targets such as stumps, sticks, and leaves. 

2. Broad

Broadheads are the most lethal and dangerous arrowheads since their tips feature several razor-sharp blades. They penetrate both large and small game even easier than target heads and cause extensive bleeding since their barbs stick in prey. Don’t use them for practice, since they will severely damage targets. 

3. Target

archeryField target arrows have narrow, pointed heads designed to penetrate targets with ease. Their lack of barbs keeps them from getting stuck, making them easy to pull out of targets. They are extremely sharp and capable of injuring or killing both large and small prey, including rabbits, deer, and hogs.  

4. Blunt

Blunt arrowheads have flat tips and weigh more. Though they don’t penetrate targets, they do cause blunt force trauma that can stun or kill small game such as birds, squirrels, and foxes. They are available with metal springs that prevent the arrow from penetrating too deeply into prey, practice targets, or ground cover. 


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