Elk are large, muscular animals with imposing antlers. Their behavior is also unpredictable and often aggressive, making them intimidating to even seasoned deer hunters. However, with the right strategy, hunting accessories, and a bit of preparation, you can make your elk-hunting season a success.

3 Tips for Elk Hunting & Trapping

1. Map Out the Area

With a population of over 14,000, you could spot elk almost anywhere in Eastern Kentucky. However, the ideal place and time to hunt elk is in the early morning when they’re grazing in open fields.

Keep in mind that elk are fast-moving, free-range animals and are, therefore, challenging to keep track of. Before you go on the hunt, it‚Äôs best to map out places where they are most likely to be found, such as meadows and clear-cut areas of land. You could use the Google Earth¬ģ app to get a bird‚Äôs eye view of the terrain. The app allows you to chart the topography of the area so that you can prepare your strategy for successful trapping and hunting.¬†

2. Have the Right Hunting Accessories

hunting accessoriesKentucky sets requirements for the use of specific rifles, shotguns, handguns, crossbows, or archery equipment. As such, it’s crucial to know the legal hunting accessories you can use for elk-hunting.

The state also prohibits the use of tracer and full metal jacketed ammunition. These ammo types were designed to penetrate and wound the body without necessarily killing the target, which can be considered inhumane when hunting. Use of them could result in numerous severely injured elk within the hunting zone. For example, if you were to shoot an elk with a full metal jacket round, the bullet would pierce through the animal and potentially wound another one a few yards behind it.

3. Know the Restrictions

Be sure to read and understand the hunting guide to ensure that you’re following state rules and regulations. For instance, the Kentucky Hunting Guide prohibits the use of chemical attractants or bait to hunt elk within the elk zone counties, whether the land is publicly- or privately-owned. Also, mimicking an elk’s sound on public land may be prohibited within a certain time frame because other hunters may mistake the call as another elk, presenting a safety issue. 


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