A good fence provides security, beautifies your home, and can substantially increase your property value—but, like any outdoor feature, it can still be damaged. While many common problems can be avoided by having a fence company perform some routine maintenance, some issues are completely outside your control. Below are some of the most common reasons your fence might need the attention of an experienced contractor.

3 Common Causes of Fence Damage

1. Serious Storms

Between flying debris, falling trees, and strong winds, a major storm can damage your fence any number of ways. If your fence is damaged in a storm, calling a fence company for repairs as soon as possible will keep the issues from getting worse.

fence company2. Falling Trees

It doesn’t necessarily take a storm to knock down a tree. Old age, disease, or poor soil management can bring down even the largest tree, which can completely flatten your fence. If trees on your property show signs of illness, have them inspected by a professional before they cause serious damage.

3. Poor Maintenance

Many fencing materials, including wood and some metal products, need regular maintenance to prevent rot, rust, and decay. Putting off these important maintenance tasks can leave your fence too weak to withstand wind and other factors, which can cause further damage. Many homeowners choose to call in a professional fence company to handle their maintenance, preventing expensive repair bills down the road.


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