No one wants to deal with cockroaches inside their home. However, because they are primarily nocturnal, you may not initially realize you need roach control services. Even if you don’t physically see a roach, however, there are some tell-tale signs you can watch for that indicate you need pest control treatment.

Top 3 Signs You Need Roach Control Service

1. Egg Cases & Shed Skin

As an infestation spreads, cockroaches will lay egg capsules known as oothecae. These brown, cylindrical cases can contain up to 50 eggs and are often left in tight, enclosed areas like the inside of pantries, the space behind furniture, or in cracks in the wall. 

After the eggs hatch, roaches will shed their skin as they mature. The location of shed skin can often unveil where the cockroaches are nesting during the day.

2. Droppings

roach control service

Their appearance can vary based on the type of roaches you have, but roach droppings may look like black dust, coffee grounds, or brown stains. Cockroaches tend to leave these droppings in high-traffic areas where they travel in search of food and water—such as the areas where you store and serve food.

3. Foul Smells

Cockroaches produce an unpleasant musty smell that is designed to attract other roaches. This lingering smell will get worse the longer the infestation goes on—and as more roaches come into your home. A persistent musty odor that won’t go away even after you clean the house is a likely sign that roaches are somewhere nearby.

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