As a homeowner, you may need to get foundation repair if your house is on shifting ground or the structure is old. Although the foundation is made from strong material—typically concrete—it’s still prone to wear or breakage. To maintain your house’s structural integrity, be aware of the following signs that you need to call a professional.

How to Tell If Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

1. Shifting Walls

Even if you aren’t aware of cracks and gaps, the walls give other signs of distress. For example, wallpaper may crinkle and tear, and the walls might look like they’re bowing out or caving in, especially if the cause for the failing foundation is soil expansion.

2. Uneven Floors

Naturally, when the foundation is expanding or breaking, the floor moves, too. You may notice that it sinks or rises in some areas, and there may even be a significant difference in elevation between one side of the house and the other. A little sloping is normal, but if it’s more than an inch for every 15 to 20 feet, it’s a sure sign that you need foundation repair.

3. Cracks & Gaps

foundation repairWhen your foundation is in poor condition, it puts stress on the walls and floors, creating cracks that run vertically. It also causes your deck, patio, cabinets, countertops, and crown molding to pull away from the walls and produce gaps.

4. Dampness

If you have a crawlspace, you should be worried if it gets wet. Moisture may cause the wood in your home’s foundation to rot or attract termites. Either way, it could mean that your home’s foundation is already failing without your noticing, or it may begin to do so soon.

5. Door & Window Problems

Door frames and window caulking separating from the walls is a visual cue that you need foundation repair, but you may not realize it until it becomes harder than usual to close or open the doors and windows. This issue may actually be the first sign you notice, as it directly interferes with your day and can be frustrating.


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