A bowed wall is a wall that has started to curve, buckle, or exhibit signs of inward movement. This situation indicates that the wall is weakening and that there could be structural problems and serious safety concerns with the foundation. Below are three common causes of bowed walls and how to prevent them.

What Causes Basement Walls to Bow?

1. Water

Water can exert a massive amount of pressure on a concrete foundation and produce deformities that threaten its integrity. Excessive rainfall, inadequate drainage, and a sloping lawn are just a few of the ways water can impact foundation walls and make them bow. Also, yards with excessive amounts of moisture in the soil can sometimes be enough to bow walls.

All homes should have rain gutters directing water away from the dwelling. If you have a leaky basement, install a sump pump. If your soil is extremely wet, limit watering and mix in compost and leaf matter to help make ground conditions drier.

2. Patios & Driveways

bowed wallsPatios, driveways, and other exterior surfaces that abut the home can place stress on the foundation. This is especially true if these surfaces are positioned at angles or slopes that add any degree of pressure.

Also, concrete surfaces can sink over time, which can jeopardize the foundation. If this is the cause of your bowed walls, lifting the concrete or installing a new surface are two possible ways to avert further foundation complications.

3. Trees

Trees are majestic and eye-catching features of any yard. However, when they grow too large and become overpowering, their roots can damage your foundation and make the walls bow. Roots tend to grow significant distances, so there's a chance that the damage could be caused by a tree planted well away from the house.

If you suspect this may be an issue, consult an arborist. They can determine which tree is presenting the problem as well as the smartest ways to control root growth. If necessary, they can remove the tree and stump to avoid future issues.


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