Although many locks look the same, there’s a big difference between residential and commercial door hardware. But how can you tell one from the other? Able Security Locksmith, serving Morris, Sussex and Warren counties in New Jersey, specializes in locks of all kinds. Below, they’ve collected some facts for you about the difference between commercial and residential locks. 

The Strength of the Locks

The strength and durability of every lock, whether commercial or residential, is based on a three-tiered grading system developed by the American National Standards Institute. The rating goes from ASI-3 to ASI-1. On this scale, three is the least durable, and one is the strongest. 

Residential vs. Commercial Locations 

commercial-door-hardwareUnless your home receives a lot of people coming and going, an ASI-3 lock is usually sufficient to protect your entryways. However, in homes or apartments that have more people coming and going, an ASI-2 may be used to minimize wear and tear. Both of these types of locks come in many different shapes and sizes, so finding a good fit for your door frame should be relatively easy. 

For places like hospitals, schools, public buildings, and other high-traffic properties, the strongest possible locks are installed. Investing in ASI-1 strength locks for a commercial or industrial enterprise certifies that such locks remain in great condition for years without requiring maintenance or replacement. It also helps prevent break-ins and unwanted guests from gaining access to the facility. Depending on the nature of your commercial building, such locks will also usually need to be ADA compliant to adhere to local and state regulations. 

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