The term "ergonomics," the study of workplace efficiency, is derived from the Greek words "ergon" (for "work") and "nomics" (for "law"). Thus, an ergonomic office chair promotes comfort, good posture, and workplace efficiency. Business owners and managers have long known proper seating boosts productivity, and Fulkerson Services, the premier office furniture dealer in Rochester, NY, explains how below.

3 Ways Ergonomic Office Chairs Boost Workplace Productivity

1. They Reduce Break Periods

Office chairs in Rochester, NYIf you are not comfortable in your seat, you will likely stand up to stretch more frequently. While you're at it, you might step away from your workstation to get a cup of coffee or chat with a coworker. In an ergonomic office chair, you are at the right height for your computer, your arms and back get the proper support, and you can reach the things you need without straining. Because you are comfortable and free of back or neck twinges, you can continue working without the need for multiple breaks.

2. They Promote Focus

Even while you are at your workstation, if you are uncomfortable or in pain, you are likely not giving the job at hand all your attention. An ergonomic office chair keeps you comfortable and lets you focus on your work instead of the ache in your back.

3. They Decrease Sick Days

If your chair does not offer the right support, and it positions you improperly, it will likely exacerbate any back, neck, arm, or wrist problems to which you might be vulnerable. As these worsen, you could miss work due to discomfort, doctor visits, surgeries, or other medical care. Simply by choosing an ergonomic office chair, you decrease the number of sick days and improve your productivity.

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