Your daily workstation is a convenient yet often-overlooked place to tend to your daily wellness needs. A healthy body and mind reinforce one another, so it’s important to find ways to stay active at work. From updating your office furniture to scheduling time for self-care during your lunch break, keeping active on the job is possible. 

How to Stay Fit During the Workday

1. Ergonomic Chair

Investing in an ergonomic or multifunctional office chair is one of the easiest ways to improve your work life. Many know of the increasingly popular trend of using an exercise ball as an office chair, but the variety of ergonomic office furniture is truly impressive. When selecting the right one for your workstation, consider what parts of your body might need some extra TLC. Some multifunctional chairs offer supportive mesh backs, while “kneeling” chairs can realign the spine, offer lumbar support, and enhance posture.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be easily transported in a briefcase, shoulder bag, or purse. They are not mechanical, don’t make any noise, and will allow you to stimulate muscle groups without impeding your work. Pocket-sized hand exercisers can also be used conveniently and quietly while you carry out the day’s business. These are common among guitar players and rock climbers who want to enhance their grip strength while away from their instruments or rock walls.

3. Standing Workstation

Sometimes called the “Hemingway” solution—since novelist Ernest Hemingway was known to employ this technique while writing—a standing workstation is an excellent way to increase blood flow, keeping the body fresh and engaged while the mind is at work. The benefits of this method include better circulation, increased freedom of motion, and continual activation of the leg and core muscles.

4. Lunch-Hour Exercise Breaks

Office furnitureSpending a portion of your lunch hour exercising at a nearby gym or behind the closed door of your office is a smart way to energize your afternoon and keep creative juices flowing. A lunch-hour exercise break isn’t an opportunity for an all-out, exhaustive workout, but it’s an opportunity to do some stretching and cardio that will breathe new life into your body and bolster mental activity while stabilizing your mood.

5. Stairs

Climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator activates the quad muscles in the legs. Plus, you’ll keep burning calories when you’re back in the office, working hard. Developing a habit of always choosing the more physical option is a life hack that will help you burn fat and send fresh oxygen through your bloodstream.


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