As a business owner, you may use a cubicle workspace to make the most out of the available square footage in your office. While efficient, this area can get overwhelmed by clutter pretty quickly. Here are a few tips to help you organize this work environment and increase productivity.

How to Organize a Cubicle Workspace

1. Put Away Projects

While leaving projects out in plain view ensures you don't forget about them, it can also create confusion in your workspace. Develop a workflow system for work that's pending, in progress, and finished. Sorting bins are perfect for this form of project management and can even be conveniently stacked on top of each other to save space. 

2. Sort Office Supplies

Placing small bins on the desk can keep office supplies, such as Post-It® notes and paperclips, neat and tidy. Keep extra items in desk drawers and refill bins as they're depleted. Consider placing any office supplies you don't use regularly in a supply closet to ensure you have enough space. 

3. Get Rid of Unused Items

cubicle workspace

It's tempting to hold onto paperwork and files well past the point of necessity. However, this is a primary reason why cubicle workspaces often get overrun with clutter. 

Only keep hard copies on-hand when obligated, such as legal or tax documents. Once you verify that an item is no longer needed, head to the paper shredder to dispose of it. You can also keep an electronic copy just in case. 

4. Rotate Decorations

Personal items make your cubicle more comfortable and cozy, but having too many pictures and knick-knacks can take up space that you need for more practical supplies. If you normally display numerous belongings at the same time, consider storing a few and rotating through them every week or so. That way, you can personalize your desk while staying organized. 


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