After a wash and style at the hair salon, you may notice how fresh your hair and scalp feel. While some of this may depend on the products that your hairstylist uses, there are also numerous scalp and hair benefits from washing your hair correctly. If you’d like to achieve similar shampooing results at home, there are some helpful do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Rinse your hair thoroughly before applying products. 

Rinsing your hair well removes any buildup around the follicles and scalp so that a product can do its job. Additionally, using warm water opens up the hair cuticles so that your shampoo can penetrate more deeply. Rinse for at least one full minute before shampooing.

Change your shampooing technique. 

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Avoid circular motions as they can tangle your hair, leading to breakage. Also, make sure to never use your fingernails, as aggravating the scalp can lead to infections. Gently use your fingertips to slide shampoo over your scalp and down to the mid-shaft of your hair. Massaging your scalp is also very beneficial as it helps with circulation and stimulating your hair follicles. Do this by using your fingertips to lightly press into and rub your scalp.

Mix your shampoo with water. 

Adding a small amount of water to the product makes it easier to spread the shampoo around your scalp. Additionally, you end up using less shampoo at a time, making your product last longer.


Use shampoo on the ends of your hair. 

You’ve probably noticed this technique at your hair salon, as your stylist adds more moisture-building products to the ends and focuses shampoo on the scalp. The moisture and natural oils in your hair tend to lessen along the length of the hair shaft. Over-cleansing the ends and stripping oils can cause the hair to dry out and break.

Rinse out your conditioner with hot water. 

Using hot water can negate the moisturizing benefits of conditioner. Instead, rinse out the conditioner with cool water, which also helps close the follicles and lock in the product.

Over-dry your hair.

Avoid vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel, as it can cause breakage and tangles. Instead, pat dry your hair with the towel and then let the rest air dry. Additionally, avoid using heated products, such as blow dryers to dry your hair. Heat causes stripping of the hair and irritation of the scalp.


After incorporating new washing techniques, you may be ready for a unique style to show off your hair. Schedule an appointment with 151 Hair Company by calling them at (608) 783-6191. This Onalaska, WI, hair salon offers a wide variety of beauty treatments to fit your hair and your style. Check out specials and see their gallery on their website.