Sustainable farms focus on minimizing their waste and using natural inputs to build healthy soil and grow healthy plants. Chickens play an important role on the farm by providing eggs, enhancing soil, and controlling weeds and insects. Learn more below about how chickens support a regenerative system that will create a better environment for growing food over time.

Clean Food 

The most precious benefit chickens supply is their eggs. By raising these animals, farms and farm-to-table restaurants can provide their customers with fresh, quality eggs. Garden clippings and kitchen scraps help to supplement the chicken feed as well, which decreases food waste.

Enhanced Soil Quality 

Chicken manure added to compost does wonders in the garden. Compost creates an environment that supports microorganisms living in the soil. Living soil is the most important ingredient to growing healthy plants organically.

Kahuku Farm ToursNatural Pest Control 

Chickens love grazing on insects and will eat as many as they can find.  Before planting your garden veggies, its good to allow your chickens access to the area where they can hunt and scratch- controlling pests and weeds. 


Chicken Sightings on Farm Tours

While chickens play a role in a healthy garden, they also provide an attraction for guests.  They do a great job at demonstrating how waste from the garden and kitchen are valuable in a natural system.   On top of that, their unique behaviors and personalities make them a favorite on farm tours. By meeting the resident animals, guests have a better appreciation for these companies and how they work. 

With all of the sustainability advantages that chickens provide, it is no wonder that farms are interested in having as many of them as possible. Kahuku Farms in Hawaii currently has 14 egg-laying chickens and two roosters in their sustainable system. To meet these clucking employees, including Lychee, Mochi, and Tangerine, schedule a farm tour by calling (808) 628-0639. Learn more about their Farm Cafe and shop, featuring their famous lilikoi balsamic dressing, by visiting their website. Read customer reviews on their Facebook page.