Trees add beauty and shade to any landscape, but they need trimming and pruning in order to flourish. Whether for the health of your trees or the upkeep of your property, here are a few reasons to consider scheduling regular tree service to keep them in good shape.

What Are the Benefits of Trimming & Pruning Trees?

1. Health

Pruning is especially important for young trees because a professional can help the branches grow into a configuration that's ideal for their long-term structural integrity. Older trees need trimming so that any branches with disease, fungi, or other decay can be removed, preventing the spread of those problems to healthier limbs. Poorly maintained trees also tend to grow denser foliage, which decreases the sunlight and circulation they and any plants beneath them need to thrive.

2. Fruit & Flowers

If you have fruit or flowering trees, removing dead or rotted branches also encourages them to grow more plentifully. A diseased tree will not produce a great deal of fruit, if any. Pruning also stimulates the growth of spurs, the short, fat branches that bear flower buds. More spurs yield more fruit. 

3. Appearance

tree service

Diseased trees usually look sickly and unattractive with drooping branches and yellowing bark. Pruning keeps them healthy so they continue to look beautiful and add to your property's aesthetic appeal. Trimming also ensures they remain neat and tidy; a tree service expert can remove any errant branches that are out of place and shape the branches so that your view of the property stays unobstructed.

4. Safety & Protection

Trees with dead or diseased branches pose a major risk to both property and people, particularly during storms. The limbs could fall and damage a home or other buildings as well as cause serious injuries. They can also bring down power and telephone lines, disrupting service. Regular pruning by a tree service is essential for keeping you and others safe and protected.


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